Why exhibit in china ?

China's newest plan "Made in China 2025" asks for manufacturing upgrading and most of the manufacturing is dependent on laser application industry.

With the continuous development of industrial laser technology, the Asia-Pacific region will account for the largest share of the global laser processing market. As new applications and automation accelerate, China, Japan and South Korea will become the dominant market for laser applications. Especially,China will see a steadily rising proportion of the global market, expected to exceed 20% in 2021.

There is no reason to miss the opportunity of developing Chinese market.

Why exhibit in Shenzhen ?

Manufacturing industry is concentrated in south China, which means a large number of enterprises and huge laser processing market. As Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen (located in Guangdong province) has become the most important city in south China because of its geographical advantage.

According to the distribution of laser market share in China, Guagndong province takes 34%. It means if you want to win Chinese market you can not avoid Shenzhen.

It’s time to know more about China,and LASERFAIR China 2018 is a good opportunity/platform to help you to find the end users and increase your market share in China.


Since 2007 LASERFAIR has been the largest and most influential professional laser exhibition in South China.

LASERFAIR focuses on the laser industry including laser processing, laser application, and intelligent manufacturing.

The main purpose is to provide a communication/trading/networking platform between manufacturers and end-users, especially to introduce oversea suppliers of advanced technologies/equipment to China.

LASERFAIR 2017 was 15000m2 and with 133 exhibitors. LASERFAIR 2018 will be more than 30000m2.