Flextronics International Ltd

This is my first participation in china laser innovation conference. The overall results are very good. There are not only leading brands at the exhibition, but also many domestic manufactures, who offer us more choices.


Foxconn Technology Group

We visited 11th laserfair and we saw Many advanced technologies and equipment, especially the laser cutting technology.  Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cutting is easier to understand and learn, and it is believed that the laser cutting machine will have greater demand in future cutting mode.


Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai

Large scale laser industry exhibition in south China, there were a lot of laser cutting equipment. Experts from The 2017 China laser intelligent cutting technology conference explained many applications of laser cutting in industry.


Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation

LASERFAIR was large scale and provided more resources to enterprises. Site layout and environment were good. LASERFAIR was very professional with strong targets and had potential clients exhibitors wanted. LASERFAIR reflects the irreplaceable position of the laser industry in manufacturing industry. Organizer is enthusiastic and patient. Look forward to LASERFAIR 2018.