TEYU was founded in 2002. After 15years of development, the headquarter covers an area of 15,000 square meters, and has about 220 employees. With annual production capacity for cooling system up to 60,000 units, the product has been sold to more than 50 countries and regions. With its excellent quality and leading R&D strength, TEYU has become a leading enterprise in domestic industrial refrigeration industry.

The shipment of TEYU laser cooling system is World No.1 in 2016.


ShenZhen PMAX 3D Manufacturing CO.,LTD


Shenzhen PMAX Investment Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, the company determined to to build an open platform, to provide more intimate value-added services to the user and the upstream and downstream, and ultimately make a has the influence of word-of-mouth brand -- giant shadow Pmax! And first select the 3D printer project to open brand journey.In 2014 the establishment of the "PMAX 3D printer Shanghai office", on the national brand strategy layout!2015 inject 500 million in Longgang, Shenzhen set up: "Shenzhen PMAX 3D Equipment Co., Ltd.", increase the 3D printer and peripheral equipment R & D and production.The inventor of the October 2015 and 3D printing 3D systems in the United States signed the consumption level of the agency agreement, as a distributor of China "in line", also become 3D systems's 3D printers, 3D scanners, equipment, supplies and other products line designated sales platform, giant shadow thus obtained market fully affirmed.April 2017 Shenzhen PMAX with the latest 3D printing equipment and 3D sense technology to create a customer education program provider identity, enter the 3D innovation education and teaching cooperation and research. From 2013 to 2016 three years of development, "the giant shadow" 3D printer has become an earlier independent research and development and manufacture of 3D printers, one of the manufacturers, and made a dozen 3D printers related patents. Giant shadow PMAX won the 2015 annual industry outstanding brand award, the current product best-selling Chinese mainland, into the Hongkong, Taiwan market, and Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other overseas customers highly recognized.The giant film has been adhering to the "customer value based" business philosophy, meticulous service, win-win cooperation. The company has a professional team, the members of the mobile Internet, electronic engineering, product marketing and operation personnel composition, we are a young team, and it is also a team that consists entirely of young people, we are full of passion, to science and technology change life, with action to ignite the dream!


Shenzhen Hueway Technology CO.,Ltd.


Shenzhen Hueway Technology CO.,Ltd., founded in 2003, (Shenzhen Youte Printer Consumables CO.,Ltd, founded in 2012) is a set of 3D Printer research and development, manufacturing, sales, service as one of the big supplier, is 14 years gold supplier of Alibaba. Hueway focus on independent research and development and production of science and technology,with leading 3D technology industry advantage Hueway 3D Printer Won lots of China 3D Printing Patent on 3D Printing Technology 3D Printing System 3D Printing Design. Product cover from 3D Scanner 3D Design Software 3D Printer 3D Filaments and 3D Printer Printing service, form a professional 3D Print Industrial chain, offering high quality 3D equipment and service to 3D Printing education National Maker program and small or middle scale enterprises etc.Hueway owning Longhua & Anhui Fanchang, two big 3D Printer manufacturer base, and Guangdong Demonstrative Maker 3D Printing education teaching base in Foshan, produce over 1000 sets 3D Printer per month, quality get approved by ISO9001 and all of Hueway 3D printers have been CE, FCC and RoHS certified to ensure safety and quality, selling oversea market.In 2015 Hueway had exported over 30,000sets of 3d printer kits to Japan, and been awarded “Global Largest 3D Printer Kits Exporter”title.


ShenZhen XinDe Technology Co., Ltd.


3D Making Limited is a leading provider of 3D printing solutions for the rapid prototyping of customized products utilizing leading 3D printers and print materials. We have 5 sets of SLA rapid prototyping machines, 2 sets of Envision prototyping machines and 7 units of CNC post-processing machines. Materials include white and transparent resin, red wax, ABS, PMMA, POM, PC, PP, nylon, aluminum ally, and other materials processing high resolution parts.We also provide post processing services such as polishing, spray painting, sand blasting, silk finishing, UV oil, metal oxidizing, electroplating and so on.Supported by a team of professionals and 3D designers, we are able to deliver customized design, editing service and unique products with high precision, surface quality and functionality with timely and proper delivery, as well as the ability to use a wide range of materials at production speeds based on the specific requirements of our customers.


Jiangsu WLA Co.,Ltd.


Jiangsu WLA Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company with business in intelligent robot laser processing, system integration and software development. In cooperation with international renowned companies, WLA develops systems of robot 3D laser processing and surface treating, providing fast, accurate, energy saving, green and personalized solutions for processing metal parts, composites such as carbon fiber, FRP and SMC and other special materials.


Laserline Laser Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Laserlineis one of the pioneers in diode laser technology, and played a significantrole in achieving a breakthrough with this laser type. Founded in 1997, the company grew within only a few years to becoming a internationalleading developer and manufacturer of diode lasers for industrialapplications. Laserline currently employs 270 people and has internationalsubsidiaries on the American continent (USA, Brazil) and in Asia (Japan, China, South Korea) as well as sales partners in Europe (France,Italy, Great Britain) and in the Asia-Pacific region (India,Taiwan, Australia). Typical application areas are classical forms of metal processing, as in welding,brazing, hardening or softening, as well as cladding or repair welding.Furthermore, Laserline diode lasers have been established for plasticwelding and in newer production processes like additive manufacturing(metal 3D print) or welding of fiber composites.




Imay design is a leading provider for international industrial design solutions, we provide one-stop service, mainly including the pre-development strategy research for product design, design consultancy, industrial design, structural design and brand planning as the core products. Imay design provide design in various fields, which relate to consumer electronics, communication products, financial peripherals, household appliances, medical instrument, computer peripherals, industrial equipment.

Founded in Shenzhen in 1998, Imay design gives close attention to the variation trend of the products in market in those years, as a result, we have the quick reaction ability for the market, Imay always insist the market trends as their guide, the customer demand as their foundation. At present, nearly a hundred domestic and foreign people gather in the professional design team. Cooperating with hundreds of domestic famous enterprises, Imay design occupies global market; we have been receiving the most favorable reception from our clients, such as ZTE, Coship, Sany Heavy Industry, Secco into technology, Dion.


Suzhou Huaying Photoelectric Instrument Co.,Ltd


Huaying always focus on laser optics design and manufacture. After more than a decade of development ,our company has great reputation in the field of laser optics industry. Our products have been widely used in field of laser marking,engraving,cutting,drilling,medical,cosmetology and military. We have thousands of product specifications. We can offer best solutions for customers due to their request.


XIAM HZLaser,inc



Shenzhen CE-TEMP Technology Co., Ltd.


CE-TEMP is a leading innovator in infraed thermometer application solution. we sale and marketing of the renowned brand OPTRIS、SENSORTHERM, We derive our ideas from 10 years of experience and accumulated knowledge of engineers and physicists acquired in the development. We specialize in providing end-to-end measurement solutions for metal producing & processing industry and also take up specialist consulting assignments in yield improvement and Best Practices.




XUNQUAN Technology. CO. Ltd is a development, manufacture and sale of optical fiber communication test instrument equipment, and Offers a variety of fields of optical fiber test solutions high-tech enterprise.

The company in photoelectron technology fields with years experience in product development and technical cooperation, and have been engaged in laser light, laser power meter, optical fiber amplifier etc optical fiber communication related fields in r&d and manufacture of products.

The company will always adhere to the "customer first, pioneering and innovative" concept, deepening the research and development for optical fiber communication industry test area, and stay with partners together to create a more brilliant future.


Shenzhen Ejohon Technology Co.,Ltd



Shenzhen Herolaser Equipment Co.,Ltd


5 main products fiber series including fiber laser cutting machine,laser welding machine, laser marking machine, and laser cleaning machine and automatic solutions, etc.

Herolaser can provide customers with laser processing equipment and processing solution as well for our complete series of laser processing equipment production line. Our products have been widely applied to electrical appliances, handsets, hardware, tools, parts, precision machinery, jewelries, glasses, clocks ,watches, Ics, craftwork gifts, plastic mold, medical instruments,etc.


Shenzhen Worthing Technology Co.,Ltd.


Shenzhen Worthing Technology Company is a professional laser head manufacturer and provider. Focus on customer’s need and make concentration on the research & production of fiber laser product. We devoted to provide the laser industry with top quality laser head product and service.

We keep the concept of technology and so far our product has covered three series and ten categories. At the same time, it has spread all over the China Mainland Southeast Asia and some European and American areas. As the leading fiber laser head R & D and production enterprises, our customer group not only include laser industry leader companies such as Han’s Laser, Penta Chutian Laser, Golden Laser, Tianqi Laser, HE Laser, Jiatai Laser, Tianhong Laser, but also comprise Hsg Laser, Leiming Laser, Baisheng Laser, Hymson Laser, Make Laser these laser industry rising star.

Worthing Technology Company have established good cooperation relationship with famous laser machine manufacturer IPG, SPI, Rofin, Coherent, Raycus, Max, Cas, Zkzm, Super, Cetc-Txstar in an open and inclusive attitude, and also keep a stable partnership with our supplier.

We are at that very moment when China Manufacturing is undergoing the most profound changes. Worthing Company will keep offering the customer with more professional service and the best product to achieve win-win. Above all, make a contribution to the transformation and upgrading of China Manufacturing Industry.

We hand in hand in the road to Industry 4.0 World.

Our Goal:  Make The Best Laser Head That Customers Like.

Our Vision: Make The World Love China Creating.


Shenzhen Shengchi Technology Co., Ltd







Guangdong LZ Lasers Technology Co., LTD


Guangdong LZ Lasers Technology Co., LTD, located in the city of ZhongShan, is a high tech company specializing in R&D (research and development), manufacture and sales of ultrafast fiber laser.Its headquarter ,including four self-owned laboratories -- Optical Lab, Electrical Lab, Mechanical Lab, Technology Lab,is located in Torch Development Zone ,Zhong Shan City Guang Dong Province .It has the capability of volume production and personalized single order depending on its all level dust-free plant .LZ mainly products picosecond fiber laser and so on, as well as the services and solutions of other laser technologies. Our products have been widely used in many fields including scientific research , medicine research, industrial processes and so on...


HFB Photonics Co. Ltd.


Shandong HFB Photonics Co.Ltd is a high-tech company established by the national "Thousand Talents Program" team. The company owns the world-top technology, engineering, and commercialization teams which consist of academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences,well-known fiber laser experts from US and Europe countries,top-level doctors from famous universities in the world.The company owns core competencies for high power CW/pulsed fiber lasers and key fiber-based  components. HFB Photonics professionally focuses on the research and development, technology consulting and service, manufacture, production, sales, as well as the integrated applications for the high power fiber laser and amplifier systems.

HFB photonics has built the company philosophy of serving the world and customers from the date of its establishment, and devoted itself to the R&D and commercialization of high-performance fiber lasers.Based on the core competencies,  HFB  photonics Co. Ltd. has been growing  to be a world-top level  research and development center and also a manufact-urer for high power fiber lasers and amplifiers.


KUKA Industries Automation China Co., Ltd.


KUKA Industries Automation ( China ) Co., Ltd is a leading technology company for robots and in system integration. The company’s success since 1957 is based on the great experience gained during planning and realization of numerous turnkey solutions. KUKA Industries offer a broad production line of robots (welding robots, casting robots, handling robots, laser robots etc.), The wide product range includes not only vertical or horizontal articulated robots, also special linear, hybrid kinematics robots. Additional products include try-out presses, trim presses, trim tools and casting automation system.

KUKA Industries Automation ( China ) Co., Ltd chooses a new plant in Kunshan in 2010. This workshop starts business since 2013. The product is standard peripheral modules and services for automation system in all major application fields. Just the technical Stuff amounts up to 30% and a managing and supervising Team to 20%.Today KUKA Industries also has Offices in Dalian and Baoding.


Anhui Dabang 3D Technology Co.


Anhui Dabang 3D Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the fusion and innovation between 3D scanning and print technology. The company provides integrated equipment and service solutions for industrial manufacturing, education, bio-medical treatment and much more. Anhui Dabang 3D  cohesive solutions have been successfully applied to numerous industries in the consumer goods, dentistry, cultural relic archival, sculpture, construction, energy, scientific research, vocational education and more. Throughout the company’s history, there is a central theme of helping customers increase efficiency, improve quality and reduce costs.




Shenzhen Aurora Technology Co., Ltd, the first batch enterprises who specializing in the developing and manufacturing of desktop 3D printer in China, currently it has become one of the most influential high-tech enterprises, and the products have been certified by CE, FCCand RoHS Organization. It was been recognized as the rank of top 20th of global 3D printing and the outstanding integrated service providers in 3D printing industry in 2015, and our products and services become the benchmark in 3D printing industry.

JGAURORA convinced : Science and Technology create everything ! So we have been committed to increasing the research and development strength, gathering the high-end talents of software, hardware and the networking to form a research and development center of 3d printing in China, and constantly enhancing the independent innovation capability and core competitiveness of products. We will develop more new products year by year, only in this way to return our customers' trust and support.  JGAURORA will rely on expanding the production scale, technical innovation, constantly optimizing the product line, to reach simultaneous development of combining the 3D printing intelligent hardware with internet. JGAURORA devote to building a new 3D printing technology ecosystem, and making moreenterprises and individuals to enjoy the convenient from 3D printing technology !



Xemission LLC is formed in March,2016. Now the company is  moved to Denver, USA. As a laser company,  We are dedicated to design and manufacture advanced ultrafast fiber laser that  would be demanded for many applications in field of semiconductor, micro-- machining, and  Biomedical . Not only the laser with conventional wavelength , we are also working on the  Extreme U1 traviolet(EUV) light source, , which is highly demanded in semiconductor industry  for optical inspection under 13.5nm.




GUANGDONG GKING LASER TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD is a technical expert enterprise specialized in laser applications, which located in PengJiang District of Jiangmen city in Guangdong province .The company is mainly engaged in fibre-optical outputing YAG pulse laser ,high efficiency semiconductor continuous laser ,intelligent laser equipment research and application promotion.

The company has an excellent management team in the field of laser for many years.The there are many specialists in the laser designing, intelligent control systems, intelligent equipment systems.The company adheres to the spirit of“innovation,diligence,pragmatism efficience”The operation principle of “developing the first-class products,building the first-class quality,providing the first-class service”will supply complete solutions in the field of laser application for the China manufacturing .


Shenzhen GDlaser Technology Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen GDlaser Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, has realized leaping development of research and manufacturing during past 12 years from laser apparatus to automation, measurement and other equipment. We are one of the largest manufacturers of relevant equipments and a national-level high-tech enterprise together with Shenzhen software enterprise, integrating research and development, manufacturing, sales and services, and providing customers with one-stop solutions for industrial device application.

We have nearly 1,000 employees and a professional team long devoted to R&D,manufacturing and marketing. More than 60 staff in the R&D team have been awarded senior professional titles, master degrees or doctor degrees. And we have obtained over 60 patents and copyrights of software. Through the introduction of venture investment, our capital strength has been enhanced and the enterprise management has been standardized.


YT Process Engineering Ltd


Metlas 3.0 is an industrial grade system for 3D Additive Manufacturing of small and medium sized metal structures. It is characterized by compact size , high build precision, user friendliness, and robustness. Our system uses Co-Axial Blown Powder Technique to produce fully dense metal structures, and provides the standard for building complex parts.

The system consists of IPG fiber laser, Willowborg Industrial Machine Platform, FESZL Core Moulding Unit and Siemens SINUMERIK CNC System. Metlas is suitable for building high value metal parts in small quantities. It can be widely used for aerospace, medical implants, mould manufacturing, research and many other applications.

Continuous development of the system is supported by R&D teams from the University of Liverpool in the UK, and the Northeastern University in China.

With over 20 years of experience, we have gained the knowledge necessary to deliver solutions to the challenges of additive manufacturing. "Designed by engineers, for engineers", Metlas offers the solution for a wide range of applications in metal cladding and prototyping. This process enables highly localized areas of a component to be built up with fusion bonded layers of metal alloys. The finished product can be directly used as functional parts.







Cryslaser is one of the most professional optical materials manufacturer in China. Based on cooperation with research center & high universities and 40 years experience in crystal growth, we integrated R&D, growth, processing, fabrication, polishing and coating as well as marketing to serve customers from all over the world with high quality product and on-time delivery.


Shanghai Empower Technologies Co.,Ltd



Shenzhen Leading Laser Technology Co.,Ltd.


Shenzhen Leading Laser Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with laser product research and development, design, production and sales of welding equipment,

The products including YAG energy feedback of fiber laser welding system, fiber laser welding system, visual capture system of laser welding, high speed beam-split system, energy beam-split system, control system and peripheral products.

Currently, our Laser welding equipment annual sales more than 700 units, coverage throughout the country and exported to overseas. The product performance and stability is in the industry forefront.

Professional make perfect.


Celox Photonics Technology Inc.


Celox Photonics Tech (hereinafter referred to as “Celox”) is one of the advanced laser manufacturers founded by technical leaders engaged in the laser field. Our products include fiber lasers, ultra-small size high-power solid lasers, low and medium power visible light lasers, high-power semi-conductor lasers, etc., lasers with wavelengths from 266nm, 355nm, 450nm, 473nm, 520nm, 532nm, 635nm, 650nm, 808nm, 915nm, 976nm, 1064nm to 1080nm and our products are widely applied to processing, medical, scientific research, etc. We provide for our customers total solutions for R&D, production, sales, maintenance, technical support and solutions of lasers.

We have great financial and R&D strengths and professional R&D teams led by world famous technical experts. These teams own multiple patents multiple of which are at the leading level in the world and we are one of the few enterprises having experiences in scale production of fiber lasers. We have 1000-level clean rooms and various advanced processing equipment. We strictly follow the ISO9001 quality control system and ISO14001 environmental management system in manufacture and maintain strict standard on incoming materials, processing, overall machine, shipment, etc. to ensure the performance and quality of the products delivered.

By adhering to the market strategy of “expanding businesses all over the world with orientation to technology”, we develop and produce high-quality and diversified laser products suitable for use in various fields. We have strong marketing capability and maintain close cooperation with such multiple ultra-large sized enterprises as Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. Our mission is to change the situation in which advanced lasers in China have to be imported continuously and to become the world’s first-class advanced laser manufacturer.


Dongguan Omar Machine Fittings Co.,Ltd.


Dongguan Ouma Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd. is a company committed to the R&D, production and sales of CNC machine tool accessories. It specializes in the production of engineering plastic drag chain, steel and aluminum drag chain, engineering plastic hose, JR-2 rectangular metal hose, DGT-type catheter protective sleeve, hose connector, waterproof cable connector, machine shield, machine work lights, handles and so on. Ouma is one of the largest machine tool accessories producers in China that has the largest production quantity, variety and the most complete specifications.





Cangzhou Hongwei Machine Tool Accessories Co.,Ltd



Kunshan Yunco Precision Co., LTD


Kunshan Yunco precision is specialized in precision thin-walled pipe laser micromachining equipment research and development, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprises, to provide laser-precision manufacturing medical, electronics, automotive, military, and other micro-machining equipment, precision measurement , automation, precision motion platform for our customers to provide medical support, intravenous filter tube, an endoscope snake bone, stapling endoscopic tube, hypotube, developing ring, syringes, reaming pipe, necking tube, titanium sheet, mobile products hardware, nuclear power tubes, electronic ceramics, powder metallurgy materials, aluminum and other materials. Our aim is to provide customers with cost-effective multi-axis laser micromachining system solutions!


Wuhan Huaray Precision Laser Co.,ltd.


Wuhan Huaray Precision Laser Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of DPSS Lasers, which specializes in R & D and production of all solid-state lasers. The full series of Huaray lasers have fully independent intellectual property rights.


Shanghai Purple Berry Instrument Inc.


As professional agent of high-tech products and service provider, PBI (Purple Berry Instrument Inc.) is committed to introducing the most advanced and innovative products possessing high performance and high reliability.The products cover a wide range, including core optoelectronic devices, precision mechanical and electrical products, optical-mechanical subsystem, test instruments and processing equipments, etc. These products are widely applied to scientific researches and industrial applications in physics, biomedical, photonics, optical telecommunication, optical sensing, laser processing, laser display, industrial automation, etc.


Shenzhen qilinlaserapplication technology CO.,LTD





DNE laser’s main product include: high power laser cutting machine(2000W-10000W), medium power laser cutting machine(<2000W), which are widely used in manufacture of electric power devices, automobile manufacturing, mechanical equipment, electric appliance, hotel kitchen equipment, elevator equipment, advertisement & decoration, car decoration, hardware products, precise parts and hardware tooling parts, etc.

DNE Laser has nearly 5000 users now widely distributed in domestic and overseas market, such as Germany, Russia, Spain, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Indonesia, Turkey, Jordan, Dubai, Poland, Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, Lebanon, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, HK, Taiwan and so on. DNE Laser has set up the sales and service branches in Shanghai and Beijing with an area of over 3000 square meters respectively and also over 50 customer service offices in different provinces and cities in China. In addition, over 10 service sites in overseas market has been set up.


LAMY Duangguan Laser Technology co.,LTD


LAMY Laser Technology Co., Ltd. A wholly owned subsidiary of Huanyu Technology Group, is a high-tech enterprise of collection: Technology Research, Precision Machinery, Numerical Control and System Management. With more than 50 laser technicians and senior professors team, closely follow the international forefront of laser optical technology, and co-operate closely with Germany, the USA, Japan and other world-renowned laser device manufacturers to develop and produce a series of high efficiency electron-optical conversion, unique beam quality and stable performance of laser cutting equipment. A number of technologies in the domestic leading position which accessed to more than 30 national patent and utility model patents, LAMY Laser Technologies has a strong technical strength in laser technologies of national and overseas. Design and developed easy operation, high precision and high efficiency of laser processing complete solutions and automation facilities. Especially metal fiber laser cutting technologies, cutting thickness and speed ranking the leading position in Asia.

Laser cutting machine is widely used:electric power,automobile manufacturing, machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, hotel kitchen equipment, elevators equipment,advertising signs, car decoration, precision parts, chassis cabinets, furniture, lighting, jewelry and other industries.


Wuhan chutian industrial laser equipment co.,ltd.


From 1985 to now, Chutian Laser, the first laser company in China, as the core enterprise of Wuhan optic valley of China, had contributed for China laser market for over 30 years.

From first laser welding machine in China to leading laser solution provider in water pumping. From low power to high power laser material processing, from marking, welding to metal cutting.

As the first laser company worked with institutions and colleges, military, aerospace and aviation. Focusing on conseuctive innovation, Chutian laser onws over 400 patents.


Shenzhen Dingxinsheng Optical Technology Co.,Ltd






Shenzhen Hymson Laser Technologies Co.,Ltd.


Hymson Technologies was founded in 2007, it is an enterprise with certification of  new hi-technology which has the apability of R&D, production, sales & marketing and  technical service in the area of Laser technologies and automation solutions, also it has 3 subsidiaries as Guangzhou Hymson ,Anshan Hymson,Julong Hymson,with more than 10 supportingoffices in different city of Shang hai, Kunsan, Chongqing, Xiamen etc, there are totally over 900 employees in Shenzhen Hymson and 90% of them  with or above college degree, some of them with master, Doctor degree and overseas education background in our R&D and management team, We have many created inventions, software copyrights and utility model patents have been achieved in our company,we are advocating the spirit of excellent and work man ship, our pursuit is to become  a world class company of laser technologies and automation in total solutions.

Company's vision:It aims to have the top brand in the world with the perfect combination of laser and automated technology to take the lead in the equipement manufacturing industry.

Company's misson:Hymson is dedicated to coping with the aging of the manufacturing industry and lack of labor in China.With considerate service to customers as its duty ,and depending on the combination of internationally leading laser automation technology,it helps employees develop themselves,lead a dignified life,and share wealth with them as its corporate culture so that they will strive to make China the largest manufacturing country and innovative country.


Chengdu Shield Optic Safety technology CO.,Ltd


Chengdu Shield Optic Safety technology CO.,Ltd is a major manufacturer in laser protection shieldTM series safety eyewear is made of high polymer and laserabsorbor,which security properties meeting all the requests of the standard of EN207A1:2002 Personal eye-protection Filters and eyeprotectors against Laser radiation


SuZhou Feeltek Laser Technology Co.,Ltd


FEELTEK, located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River delta, zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu, is a high-tech enterprise committed to the development and promotion of customized laser solutions based on dynamic focus system. Its researches are focused on technology integration and development between various lasers and dynamic focus systems, including optical system, Lenmark 3D software suite and 3D scanning technology.


Shenzhen Huineng Laser Precision Technology CO.LTD





Nanjing CRD Laser Technology Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer specialized in the research, development and production of CO2 Laser. We devote to producing RF CO2 Laser which is most widely use and leading technology in the world. Our RF CO2 Lasers have been purchased by many famous marking and engraving machine manufacturers. CR series RF CO2 Laser is the first choice of their key components. We have mature and advance technology to support our customers in the research and design of numerical control laser processing machine. Nanjing CRD laser Technology Co., LTD has become the unique company which supplies RF CO2 laser in industrial environment in China.


Beijing GK Laser Technology CO.,Ltd


Beijing GK Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is high-tech enterprise under holding of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), won the 2011 national science and technology process prize and the 2014 national technology invention prize. The company was responsible for undertaking more than 20 R&D projects of national and province departmental level. It is national semiconductor pumped laser engineering technology research center, Beijing municipal science and technology R&D institution and postdoctoral workstation substation of Zhongguancun Haidian park enterprise. Main products includes laser module, industrial laser, pico-second laser (2014 national key new product) and laser complex laser and so on, 98 authorized invention patents, formed its own characteristics in high-end all solid-state laser engineering industrialization.Address: 2nd Floor, Building 1, Yard 9, Baige Road, Changping District, Beijing


Titan Electro-Optics Co., Ltd.



Ante Laser Technology Co., ltd



Connet Fiber Optics Co.,Ltd.


Connet Fiber Optics Co., Ltd. is one of the first companies engaged in the fiber laser in China. Since its establishment in 2003, Connet is committed to providing the leading products and the professional technical support for the fiber laser users. Connet also has the most abundant fiber laser product line. Connet’s independent R&D platform can design, develop and manufacture the industry-leading level of laser products like the single frequency fiber laser, the fiber amplifier and the laser radar light source, etc.  


CARMAN HAAS Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd


CARMAN HAAS Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd --- devote to optical design, optic manufacturing, expert sales and services in laser optics and infrared optics, which located in China - Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park. Corporation has a team with over 15 years in laser optical design, optic manufacturing, sales and service. All along, we have established an exclusive and permanent strategic cooperative
partner with a US head-quartered Corp, who has over 20 years' experiences in
high-precision optical design, optic manufacturing and the state-of-the-art coating
technology in laser optics industry. Furthermore, corporation has established a very closely cooperative relationship with Institute of Optics of Suzhou University, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Mechanism, Changchun Institute of Optics and Mechanism and so on.


Shenzhen Anzhong Power Co., Ltd


Shenzhen Anzhong Power Co.,LTD is a manufacturer specialized in the research, development and production of High-power semiconductor&fiber Laser power supply and control system,YAG pulse laser energy feedback welding power supply,DC CO2 laser power supply,Capacitor Height Controller,RF CO2 Laser Tube DC Power Supply,DC power supply etc.Products applicable to:the laser heat cladding machine,laser welding machine,laser cutting machine,laser marking machine,laser engraving machine,etc.


Leadshine Technology Co., Ltd.


Leadshine Technology Co.,Ltd., founded in 1997, specializes in development, manufacturing and sales of high-quality low-cost motion control products. Leadshine offers a full complement of stepping drivers, stepping motors, controller boards, and servo systems to serve a diverse industrial and OEM customer base, in China, East Asia, Europe and America.




CKLASER has been becoming the leading brand of laser marking machine since 2006, with a steady growth, major products include 3D laser marking machine, large format laser marking machine, light guide plate laser marking machine, fast-speed denim laser engraving and cutting machine, etc. Even if we have a big market share of most superior products, we still provide our customers with more industry knowledge and more professional technical solutions.


ZhongJie JieDing Industrial Co.,Ltd






Dongguan hin plastic hardware products co., LTD.








Shenzhen Super Laser Technology CO.,LTD is one of the leading company in laser generator. And from the very beginning, the company is focusing on research and development, manufacture, sales, maintenance, technical support and solutions.

Our product covers a wide range of lasers, include fiber laser with different power levels. The specific products are (10-100W)Q-switch fiber,MOPA pulsed fiber laser, (200-2000W) CW fiber laser, , diode side pump solid state laser, UV laser, infrared laser, etc. Laser wavelength varies from violet to infrared, especially wavelength of 1064nm, 1080nm for use in both industry and scientific application...
Our product are widely applied in laser processing, laser demonstration, laser medical treatment and advanced applications.

With reliable laser R&D and manufacturing experience, we are dedicating ourselves to provide high-quality product and most thoughtful service. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.


Sunny Technology


Sunny Technology is a developer and manufacturer of galvanometer-based scanning systems and their components. We serve OEM customers around the world who need solutions in industrial, medical, imaging and research applications.

China-based enterprise Sunny Technology has been in the industry since 2001 and has gained global recognition thanks to our focus on quality ensured by the international team, Performance-price ratio and fast friendly services.

Products and Applications

The range of products offered by Sunny Technology, including those patented  by our engineers, comprises galvo-scanners, single-axis scanning systems, 2D scanning systems, 3D scanning systems. Systems and components provided by Sunny are suitable for a number of industrial applications such as marking, large-scale marking, engraving, welding, cutting, trimming, drilling, rapid prototyping, marking-on-the-fly, as well as for image scanning, laser display, aesthetic medical therapy, science and research. At the moment our portfolio comprises several options to choose from based on the speed, precision parameters, mirror apertures and cost you need.

Sunny Technology is committed to developing and providing high-performing cost-effective scanning systems and components, along with excellent service to help our customers achieve their goals. We are devoted to the further innovation and standardization of scanning technology.




HSG LASER is a national high-tech enterprise who is dedicated to providing laser intelligent equipment solutions to customers all over the world. We focus on the field of laser intelligent equipment manufacturing with the concept of efficient, intelligent, environmental and compatible product development.

Since our establishment in 2006, Beyond(HSG) Laser has developed rapidly with three standardized intelligent equipment manufacturing base covering an area more than 30,000 square meters. In the area of laser robot, multi-axis professional pipe cutting, precise welding automated production lines and the related, We achieve Flexible Manufacturing and Digital Hierarchical Management.With professional, independent core R & D team and perfect systematic after-sales technical department, we truly provide customer-oriented service experience.

Beyond(HSG) Laser has been providing key technology and customized integration solutions for Industy 4.0 and future factories, helping enterprises to carry out intelligent manufacturing, making intelligent manufacturing to change our work within touch.


Dongguan Dengsheng Precison Machinery Co.,Ltd


Dongguan City Board of Taiwan holy Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd pangxiang electromechanical Limited by Share Ltd, one of the subordinate enterprises, founded in 2011, is located in Dongguan Dalang, adjacent to the Songshan Lake High-Tech Industrial Park, specializes in the supply of planetary reducer, precision rack and other mechanical transmission products, set up a storage base, based in Dongguan, the national radiation business


CAS Laser Co.,Ltd.



Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd.


As the biggest lead laser equipment manufacturer in Asia, Smart Equipment Group of Han's Group specializes in developing, manufacturing, selling and serving high power CNC laser cutter and welder, it is one of the few vertical integration manufacturers developing CNC system, precise machine tool and high-power laser generator independently. Now it is the top leader in China and maintains No.1 in sales revenue and volume for many years.


Ruida Technology


Ruida Technology specializes in the source of high performance motion control technology since2008. We are national HI-TECH enterprise that certificated by the government. We manufacture flexible and economical solutions for motion control applications, enabling control of complex high speed automation and machine control in most industries throughout the world。Ruida technology keeps a 60% growth in sales for every year since 2008 and has kept total 1,000,000 axes field application in the market .Based on the motion control and laser control, Ruida technology supply open, flexible, stable ,reliable industrial technology, software and customer-specific solutions for customers,Ensure the different competitive edge for our partners,Our edge is your edge.


Shenzhen HuaHan automation equipment co., LTD



Eksma Optics

Eksma Optics is a manufacturer and supplier of precision optical components used in high power lasers, laser systems and in other photonic instruments.

Utilizing more than 30 years of expertise in the laser and optics fields the company has proven experience providing custom solutions for scientific community and OEMs and also offering a wide range of catalogue products for a fast off-the-shelf delivery.


Shenzhen Sunshine Laser & Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Sunshine Laser & Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Provider of Precision Laser Innovative Applications. On June 8, 2011 gem listed on the shenzhen stock exchange, stock code: 300227.Taking laser technology as its main business, and providing related products and application services for global manufacturing industry and processing industry, the Company is an application provider with the most comprehensive and professional precise laser technology in the same products and service categories.





Shenzhen Hueway Technology CO.,Ltd.


Shenzhen Hueway Technology CO.,Ltd., founded in 2003, (Shenzhen Youte Printer Consumables CO.,Ltd, founded in 2012) is a set of 3D Printer research and development, manufacturing, sales, service as one of the big supplier, is 14 years gold supplier of Alibaba. Hueway focus on independent research and development and production of science and technology,with leading 3D technology industry advantage Hueway 3D Printer Won lots of China 3D Printing Patent on 3D Printing Technology 3D Printing System 3D Printing Design. Product cover from 3D Scanner 3D Design Software 3D Printer 3D Filaments and 3D Printer Printing service, form a professional 3D Print Industrial chain, offering high quality 3D equipment and service to 3D Printing education National Maker program and small or middle scale enterprises etc.Hueway owning Longhua & Anhui Fanchang, two big 3D Printer manufacturer base, and Guangdong Demonstrative Maker 3D Printing education teaching base in Foshan, produce over 1000 sets 3D Printer per month, quality get approved by ISO9001 and all of Hueway 3D printers have been CE, FCC and RoHS certified to ensure safety and quality, selling oversea market.In 2015 Hueway had exported over 30,000sets of 3d printer kits to Japan, and been awarded “Global Largest 3D Printer Kits Exporter”title.


Shenzhen RFH Laser Technology Co., Ltd.


RFH laser technology incorporation limited is a leading manufacturer of innovative diode pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers and laser application systems for industrial and scientific solutions. The company delivers compact DPSS laser packages with various wavelengths, pulse energies, repetition rates, to laser end users and system integrators who are cooking lasers in industrial environments.


Wuhan HuaGong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd


Wuhan HuaGong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd is one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China.The key Hi-Tech enterprise of China, national-recognized enterprise technology center, HG Tech acquired several national R&D organizations such as national Key Laboratory of Laser Technology, National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing, laser processing craft exhibition center, taking the responsibility of national key scientific and technological project, participated national laser standard making. HGLaser has always been committed to providing a wide range and comprehensive of laser manufacturing process solutions in industrial manufacturing field, manufacturing and researching various laser processing complatesets of equipment.

Wuhan HuaGong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd is one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China.The key Hi-Tech enterprise of China, national-recognized enterprise technology center, HG Tech acquired several national R&D organizations such as national Key Laboratory of Laser Technology, National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing, laser processing craft exhibition center, taking the responsibility of national key scientific and technological project, participated national laser standard making. HGLaser has always been committed to providing a wide range and comprehensive of laser manufacturing process solutions in industrial manufacturing field, manufacturing and researching various laser processing complatesets of equipment.


Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology Co., LTD.


Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional 3D printer manufacturer, that delivers products directly to consumers around the world. Founded in 2013, Creality has offered customers a convenient way to enjoy DIY 3D printing at attractive prices.
Creality 3D offers products in the three core categories of 3D Printer, Filaments and Printing Service.
Our goal is simple: to always provide our worldwide customers with great high quality products at the lowest factory direct wholesale prices. With a huge range of affordable international shipping options, we provide every customer with easy access to our fantastic products no matter where they are based.


Dongguan City Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd


Dongguan City Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the Laser Technology 's Application and Development 。Also is the earliest Modern enterprise who committed to develop produce and sale the  laser equipment with High technology Which integrated the Optical,mechanical and electrical.Helilaser Company is located in the famous international manufacturing city - Dongguan city of Guangdong province, relying on the pearl river delta's advanced light industrial machinery, the advantages of the electronics product manufacturing industry and the advantages of the varous talents.Helilaser company devoted to transform the high-tech achievements and develop the Laser equipment industrialization . Now Helilaser company has developed as China's one of the large-scale international laser equipment factory. Products are exported to east Asia, southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America and many other countries. With  many years of hard work,  HOOLY brand has got many customer's high praise and make a certain influence all over the world.


Shenzhen HuaWeiDa Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd.



Shenzhen Hifun Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Hifun Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Longgang district, eastern of Shenzhen, is a high-tech company which owns a facility of 1,300 square meters, integrated with R&D, production and sales about 3D printer and 3D printing material.

The company focused on developing of industrial and medical applications of high-quality 3D printer, own a professional R&D team which core members all have rich experience in 3D printing area. Main technology have independent intellectual property rights and have been patented, now we can offer high-precision industrial grade FDM 3D printer, high-precision desktop SLA / DLP light-cured 3D printer and ordinary desktop 3D printers, the company is investing in research and development of SLM 3D printing equipment which uses metal power as material. All of our products are popular both at home and abroad




Shenzhen KBF Laser Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2012, is a high technology enterprise that regards laser application technology as the core, with the assorted automation overall solution being its development direction. Apart from the subsidiary which was established in Huizhou, there are more than ten offices respectively in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hubei, Chongqing, etc. There are more than 250 staff, 65% of which are technicians and researchers and the core R & D personnel accounts for more than 35%. Shenzhen KBF Laser Technology Co., Ltd has rich real experience in laser application technology and the overall automation solutions. At present the company's main products include pole flake of the laser cleaning equipment, pole flake laser cutting equipment, laser online marking series, 3D laser engraving series, laser tracking system and lithium complete automation welding series. What’s more, it also provides customers with a variety of non-standard automated laser equipment and the existing industrial production line 4 transformation and production line docking.

With its business philosophy--driven by science and technology innovation, people-oriented, customer highest and win-win cooperation, KBF aspires to be the international enterprise that is a perfect balance between technology and humanities. And eventually lead in equipment manufacturing industry.


Dongguan Omar Machine Fittings Co.,Ltd.


Dongguan Ouma Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd. is a company committed to the R&D, production and sales of CNC machine tool accessories. It specializes in the production of engineering plastic drag chain, steel and aluminum drag chain, engineering plastic hose, JR-2 rectangular metal hose, DGT-type catheter protective sleeve, hose connector, waterproof cable connector, machine shield, machine work lights, handles and so on. Ouma is one of the largest machine tool accessories producers in China that has the largest production quantity, variety and the most complete specifications.




The 46th Research Institute Of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation


The 46th Research Institute Of China Electrics Technology Group Corporation is one of the earliest corporations that research, develop and produce optical fiber, optical fiber device and semiconductor materials. Since its establishment in 1958, it has accumulated a wealth of experience in research & development and production with the contribution of a large number of high-level professional and technical personnel. No.46 Institute now is a director unit of China Electronic Materials Industry Association, administering 11 branches and over 700 unit members. It has established CETC’s(China Electronics Technology Group)key laboratory of new materials, the State Certification Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Electronics Functional Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The advantages of professional and management personnel as well as advanced equipment are sufficient guarantee for the research & development and production of high-tech products in our institute.




Shenzhen Ospri Intelligent Technology Co.,ltd is a company committed to the industrial automation equipment ,control system somponents, R&D, production .sales and service. The marketing management center and R&D center located in Shenzhen China focusing on the world’s leading edge of high- tech information.The company gathered a number of innovative and dedicated technical personnel ,focused on industrial technology research and development and application areas, to provide a complete set of automation technology solutions. I t has always been in a leading position.The company established a complete quality control and afer- sales service system, With high technology and high quality , it has provided users with highest quality ,the most comprehensive pre-sale, sale ,after-sales technical support and maintenance services.


Wuhan YiFi Laser Equipment CO.,Ltd








Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. is the first Chinese enterprise engaged in the research, development and scale production of high-power fiber lasers and core component and the largest fiber laser R&D and production base  with global influence in China.
Wuhan Raycus has an international first-class fiber laser and key componentdevice research and development team including three experts listed in the Thousand Talents Plan and lots of internationally leading patented technologies. It has created many firsts in the industry. The company has successively developed the first 10W pulse fiber laser, the first 25W pulse fiber laser, the first 100W continuous fiber laser, the first 1,000W continuous fiber laser, the first 4000W continuous fiber laser product and the first 6000W continuous fiber laser product in China. In March 2013, it developed China’s first 10kW industry-level fiber laser, which made China the second country to master the core technologies of 10,000W fiber laser in the world. Since its establishment in 2007, Wuhan Raycus has realized the industrialization of two series products, 10W-100W pulse fiber lasers and 200W-10000W continuous fiber lasers. It can produce 30,000 pulse fiber lasers and 10,000 continuous fiber lasers of medium and high power. The iber lasers produced by the company account for 30% of domestic market share and they are exported to Asia, Europe, America, the Middle East and other regions.





Dongguan Coolmaster Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd



Cambridge Technology, a Novanta Company


Suzhou Inngu Laser Co.,Ltd


Suzhou Inngu Laser Co.,Ltd is located in Suzhou industrial park, the company introduced advanced laser technology from USA and followed strict German manufacturing process. Through research and development, the company manufacture high quality and stability of solid laser. The laser can be mainly used in various types of high-end industrial laser equipment, especially in the high power UV and green laser equipment, and high-end laser processing equipment which mainly used in precision machining  fields (including semiconductor, laser special processing, solar cell, LED, LCD, touch screen and other industries).


Wavelength Opto-Electronic(Nanjing)Co.,Ltd



DongGuan Stronglaser Equipment Co.,Ltd.


Dongguan Strong Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd established on April 8, 2008 at Dongguan city, Guangdong province, a company which concentrates on the development , production, sales, service and integration of series of picosecond and femtosecond laser micromaching system. We have two main manufacturing bases in China, one in Songshan Lake, Dongguan city, another in Anshan City, Liaoning province. The total factory area is 10000m². Up to now, we have a total of 150 staff, 90 percent of which is graduated from colleges or universities.


Maxphotonics Co.,Ltd


Maxphotonics, Co., Ltd is a major professional leading developer and manufacturer of the fiber laser and optical device in China. It is one of the initial high-tech enterprise in China which localized two core technologies and has more than ten years experience in designing, manufacturing and selling fiber laser sources for major national and international projects.


BWT Beijing Ltd.


BWT Beijing Ltd was founded in 2003 in Beijing, China. We specialize in developing and manufacturing of high performance diode laser components and subsystems. As a leading supplier of fiber coupled diode lasers, BWT Beijing provides the lasers in a wide range of wavelengths and output powers.


Shanghai Empower Technologies Co.,Ltd



DongGuan Feiyue Laser Equipment Co.,ltd.






Shenzhen TETE Laser technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2001.It is the first joint venture which deals with R&D, manufacture and sales of industrial processing laser systems in China. TETE Laser has its independent technology and R&D center. It owns lots of patents and software copyrights. At the same time, it is a participator of 863 national research projects. Up to now, TETE Laser has manufactured and sold series of industrial laser processing system and provided professional industrial laser solutions to domestic and overseas customers.


A&P Instrument Co., Ltd


A&P Instrument Co., Ltd. built on Hongkong at 1984, We search and select for principals which provide unique, new, and reliable sources of Scientific Instrumentation. A&P put much effort in introducing new products to scientific endusers as we believe that this assists to brush up the scientific development of Hong Kong, which is in fact our goal.

We have established branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Taiwan and Singapore.



EKSPLA is ISO9001 certified manufacturer of lasers, laser systems and optoelectronics for basic research and industrial applications. Employing 30 years experience and close partnership with scientific community, EKSPLA is focused on advanced products. In house design and manufacturing ensures operative design, manufacturing and customization of the new products. Products are available from several standard units for R&D applications to series customized solutions for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers). The company is leading in the global market for picosecond lasers.

EKSPLA exports 90% of its production to more than 60 countries worldwide and work with distributors network in more than 30 countries. Established EKSPLA service team is ready to support customers all over world. You will find EKSPLA lasers in the most famous universities across Europe, America and Asia. EKSPLA was the first company in Central and Eastern Europe to receive the Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation for the world’s most advanced product in the scientific lasers category.





Dongguan Henghao Laser Technology Co., Ltd, which focuses on developing laser technology application development. We are also the one of the high-tech enterprise in China.

Our business scope: laser cutter, laser carver, laser marker, laser knife mold and so on in laser application area.

Our company locates on Dongguan City, which has tens of thousands of square production base. We also have been the one of large laser manufacturers in Southeast Asia and has the strong relationships with RKB, SYNRAD, HITE and other famous companies around the world. As a professional laser manufacturing company, we will always provide high cost performance equipment and excellent service for all customers for each application.


UCT Digital Manufacturing Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd



Shenzhen H-tech Co.,Ltd


H-tech, the predecessor is  the technology development and Application Center of FOXCONN, Group C.Responding to the call of state and group, and in the company‘s executives support, established H-Tech , provide advanced laser technology to the group and the society.

We study the laser glass cutting technology from the beginning of 2006, after extended to various laser applications, focusing on advanced technology of laser micromachining, with Optical, machine  Design , machine  control software and Processing Development of a complete set of technology integration capabilities, with the domestic rare ultra precision closed-loop control technology, a technology basis for nearly 10 years. In the field of material processing applications, H-Tech can provide and research of key technologies, and almost covers the vast majority of laser industrial applications.


Sino-Galvo (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd


Sino-Galvo(Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd is a high and new technology enterprise which is located in the Zhongguancun high-tech industrial park in Beijing. We specialize in optical scanning galvanometers and its related product’s development, production and sales, and has the world's largest production base of laser galvanometer scanners in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province.The R&D center of Sino-Galvo located in Shangdi Information Technology Industry Base. Our products has already got CE and RoHS certifications,quality control in accordance with ISO9001 quality system standard, and obtained a number of invention patents and related intellectual property right certificates. We have gained more than 50% market share in the mid&high end application in China, moreover, export to most of countries and regions in the world.


Photonics Laser Technology Dongguan CO., Ltd


Photonics Laser Technology (Dongguan) Co. Ltd. is a joint venture formed in 2016 by Photonics Industries International Inc and Shenzhen Sunshine. Based on 27 years of pioneer work in the field of DPSS laser, Photonics (Dongguan) is aimed at serving the Chinese market with cutting edge DPSS laser products at affordable price and localized service.


Shanghai Insitute of Laser Technology


Shanghai Institute of Laser Technology (SILT) is a high-new- technological enterprise which specialized in the development and application of laser technology, such as laser processing, laser direct parts marking& traceability, laser show & display, medical laser, optical components, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting, etc. It focuses on research and development of product, production, marketing, technical services, application solutions as well as testing services.  

By years of struggle in research and development, advantage of technologies as well as elites in laser application has turned up and a number of important scientific research achievements have been obtained. The new application fields for laser technology has been opened up, such as information electronics, advanced manufacturing, new materials, energy and environmental protection, modern agriculture, public safety as well as science education and other fields, etc., the progress of laser technology and industrial development have been promoted.

Shanghai Key Laboratory of Laser Beam Micro-Processing, Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Laser DPM Traceability, Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Laser Medical Equipment, as well as Laser Trade Test Branch of National Center for Testing Technology (Shanghai) have been relied on SILT. SILT is also a deputy director unit of China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufacturers Association as well as Shanghai Association of Laser, moreover, SILT is governing unit of Shanghai Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers. Applied Laser - Chinese core journal published by SILT.


Guangzhou Deluxun Information Technology Co., Ltd. /www.yishangm.com


Guangzhou Deluxun Information Technology Co.Ltd,which is affiliated with Global International Information Group has been focusing on instrument and meter industry for 17 years.We make our effort to build connecting platforms of media,website and exhibition.

Our company always uphold the value of “There is no shortage of measuring and testing engineers in manufacturing”,and our goal is “to make the enterprise be the largest media platform in measuring and testing industry”.

Until now,our business has covered :Instrument & Meter News (magazine),www.861718.com,

YISHANGM,conference,exhibition and customized activity. We serve millions of readers and customers who are from Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan in China, Europe and United States.


Shenzhen yuan intelligent technology co., LTD


Shenzhen yuan a intelligent technology co., LTD. Is a collection research and development, production, sales of 3 d printing products and after-sales service as one of the high-tech enterprises, is a software and hardware equipment to provide clients with 3 d printers, provide 3 d printing products processing and sales of systematic professional provider of technical services


Shenzhen Technology University


With the strong financial support and favorable policies from Shenzhen government, Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) aims to be a high degree university of applied sciences and technologies. The total campus area will be 253 hectares located in Pingshan district. To meet the urgent demand from the advanced manufacturing industry locally and nationally, the future SZTU is obligated to produce talent with spirit of craftsmanship such as senior engineers and architects. SZTU is exploring a new mode of “university education +enterprise internship+engineering projects”. To meet the demand of pillar industry, strategic emerging industry and future industry in Shenzhen, the newly issued Shenzhen Action on Made in China 2025 defines eleven strategic key areas for the advanced manufacturing industry of Shenzhen , based on this, SZTU plans to set up six faculties in the first period: Advanced manufacturing technology, Internet and Big Data, Transport, New material and energy, Health sciences and Environmental engineering, and Creative Design.


SYNTEC Technology co., LTD.


Syntec’s business covers a variety of controller products in the fields of lathe, milling, and dedicated machines. With innovative skills as well as value added applications and complete services, it has been the most trustful company in the industry. In addition to the well known reputation in machine tool controllers, Syntec extended its businesses to high-end spindle servo solutions, linear motors, direct drive motors, robots and automation products to meet the demands in automation industry. Coming to the age of “Industry 4.0”, the company also integrated resources to capture the emerging opportunities in hoping to fulfill its vision goal –Trusted Technical Service.


Hortech Company


The Hortek company's  located in Taiwan Hsinchu Science Park, research and development team for many years committed to the laser light, machine, electricity and other precision machinery integration and application of the process optimization, the successful establishment of the laser application system in the relevant process. 22 years of development process, research and development direction, continued in the pursuit of light, machine, electrical integration program and laser dry etching technology development.


Unice E-O Services Inc.


Unice E-O Services Inc. is a technology-based company founded in 1986 by a group of experienced and professional engineers who have been working in Mechanic, Automation Control, Light Measurement, System Integration for a long time.

We aim to develop top quality and advanced system to our clients through passionate and skilled people.We possess all the necessary resources to offer our customers solution, from hardware, software design, detecting devices selection and then integrate all of them into an extremely powerful customized system for different applications in the lab, production line, QC line and anywhere it has been needed.

Creating value to customers is our operation mission, contribute Unice’s core technology to customer and solve their problem is the reason why we keep expanding in the market.


Shenzhen pinxin electrical and mechanical technology co., LTD


Shenzhen pinxin electrical and mechanical technology co., LTD founded in 2013, the specialty is engaged in mechanical and electrical products, electronic products, technology development and sales of power supply. The company's main products are Taiwan Mean well power, sunon_fan, SAMXON capacitance, etc. As Taiwan Mean well power authorized dealers, relying on geographical advantages is located in the pearl river delta, with advanced management, advanced management idea, the company has been in a rapid and healthy development track. Mean well in 2015 has been successfully launched more than 8000 kinds of standard model, the product is widely applied, include: the LED billboard/lighting, industrial automation, industrial control, information/communication/commercial, medical, transportation, and green energy industries, etc. Products fully meet international safety, provide One Stop Shopping comprehensive power solutions.


3D Printing Center Beijing University of Technology

北京工业大学 3D 打印工程技术研究中心

Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) is located at No.100 Pingleyuan, Chaoyang District. The main campus of BJUT covers an area of over 800,000 square meters. Beijing University of Technology (formerly known as Beijing Polytechnic University) was founded in 1960. It is a key university under the administration of the Beijing municipal government, offering multidisciplinary programs in such fields as science, engineering, economics, management, liberal arts and etc.

3D Printing Center is consists of 5 colleges and institutes: College of Mechanical Engineering, College of Electronic Information and Control Engineering, College of Materials Science and Engineering as well as Institute of Laser Engineering.

The Center at present has 30 faculty and staff members and has more than 100 registered Ph.D students

Under the leadership of Beijing Municipal Government the Center strives to enhance its core competitiveness so as to build into an internationally first level research center. We will focus 3D Printing technology and make more contributions to the construction of an environmentally-friendly and technology-empowered World’.


Nanjing GTUN Automation Technology Co,.LTD


Nanjing GTUN Automation Technology Co,.LTD is a professional manufacturer specialized in the research,development and production of Motor Control.We devote to producing Mechatrolink II Bus Driver which is most widely use and leading technology in the world.We have mature and advance technology to support our customers in the research and design of numerical control Driver processing machine.


Aerotech China


Aerotech is committed to serving the unique requirements of laser processing and lasermachining applications by manufacturing the highest performance motion and positioningsystems and components for laser cutting, laser marking, laser welding (including seam weldingand hermetic seam welding), laser etching, and other laser machining and laser micromachiningapplications. Aerotech developments in the areas of mechanics, controls, software, and lasercontrol have provided end users, systems integrators and OEMs with the best possible lasercutting, laser welding, laser etching, and laser marking systems available today.Leadership in this industry has continued through the years by listening to the needs of ourcustomer base. This valuable feedback has led to the development of advanced laser cutting andlaser marking features such as Position Synchronized Output for precise laser registration,hardcover sealed stage designs for long life and low maintenance of the laser cutting component,and sophisticated plotting and diagnostic utilities that enable the rapid debugging of process andmotion parameters. Simply put, our laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, and laser etchingsystems provide you with the lowest cost of ownership and the best return on your investment.



DZD Photonics Co., Ltd.


DZD photonics Co., Ltd, whose registered capital is 50 million RMB, is the subsidiary corporation of DZD international. DZD photonics is an independent, innovative, professional manufacturer of fiber and solid-state lasers. DZD photonics’ experts not only have 10 years of experience in developing industrial lasers, but also work with China leading scientific research institutions to supply reliable, high-quality laser products and professional laser solutions for customers.